How to Detail your Vehicle? 

Detailing your vehicle helps keep it protected and clean. It could help your vehicle to last longer. The body of your vehicle and undercarriage antagonize heat plus debris and road construction during summer. Your car deals with road chemicals and low temperatures during winter. Detailing the vehicle, yourself, interior and exterior, makes a barrier that could protect your car. 

Detail your Vehicle 

Clean the Outside 

Begin by washing the exterior of your vehicle. This includes the undercarriage and body.  

  • At Home 

Fully spray the undercarriage of your vehicle. Then, wash the body of your car while the undercarriage penetrates. Go back and rinse the undercarriage to finish up.  

  • At a Car Wash 

Set the spray nozzle of the high pressure on detergent and fully spray soaps all over the body. On the undercarriage, spray soapy water. This would remove chemicals and road salt that boost the rust growth. Completely rinse the soap water before drying the vehicle. 

Wax the Car 

A great wax coat protects the exposed surfaces of the vehicle from the effects of exposure and weather. Wax fills in thin bits in the paint while refurbishing its shine. Here is what you would do: 

  • Do Not Wax Directly in the Sunlight 

This could imprint marks of wax in the paint of your vehicle. 

  • Utilize your Favorite Wax 

Or, you could utilize polishing products that the manufacturer of your vehicle suggests. 

  • Use a Clean Cloth 

Put a tiny drop of wax on a clean cloth. Then, rub it on the surface of your vehicle using small circles and firm pressures. Put wax to only 1 panel body or location at a time. 

  • Remove Excess Wax 

Use a secondary cloth to remove excess wax before waxing another spot. 

  • Vinyl Top Car 

Use a spray-on vinyl protectant that has sunblock if your car is vinyl top. Spray a lot of coat on the tip and remove excess with a dry and clean cloth.  

Clean the Inside 

Vacuum or clean the trunk, seats, floor mats, floors, and all other surfaces.  

Toss Out Trash 

Wipe the dash down, interior of the windows and windshields. Also, clean the instrument area. Your vehicle would look greater and you would feel better. 

Check the Undercarriage of your Vehicle 

Check the undercarriage for signs of unusual rust and exposed metal after cleaning it and allowing it to fully dry.  

Get several cans of rustproofing or undercoating spray and generously apply the coat to the undercarriage if you could do this at your house. You must pay great attention to the interior of the frame and tire wells. Though, you must not spray any moving parts that are exposed because they require lubrication and not rubbery rustproofing. 

Consider hiring an auto detailing company if you do not have the tools or don’t know how to lift your car high enough to clearly see. Talk with her or him your worries about protecting your vehicle from the elements. 

You could always hire a professional if the process is really too much for you.