Hiring a Carpet Cleaner

Our carpet needs to maintain its cleanliness. Regular vacuum will help the carpet keep its appearance fresh and clean. However, overtime, there will be more dust and dirt that gets accumulated deep in the fibers of the carpet. This dirt is not easily cleaned using a vacuum. It needs a professional deep cleaning that carpet cleaning service Aurora can do. 

It’s important to hire a good carpet cleaner because the irresponsible one will end up ruining your carpet instead of cleaning it. Not all carpet cleaning companies do the same level of job, that’s why you have to do your part by researching. How to do that? Read more on this article.  

1. Ask for Training Certifications 

Once you’ve got a list of your prospect cleaning companies, ask each one of them the type of training they received. An eligible company will employ carpet cleaners who hold a certification from prestigious cleaning trainings. One of the well-known training school is the IICRC. There are also other certifications to look out for like the ones from Water Damage Restoration Technician and Upholstery and Fabric Cleaning Technician.  

2. Experience and Reviews 

The more experience the carpet cleaner has, the more knowledge he has about the different stains and approaches. It’s not only the education and training that matters, it’s also about how they did on the cleaning site. Check the company’s website and read for reviews. Ask how many years they have been in business and look for customer feedback in their social media pages.  

Ask for additional references. If your friends and neighbors always have their carpet cleaned, ask their experiences about the company and if they’re worth hiring. The company is also willing to give you the contact info of their past clients, just ask them.  

3. License and Insurance 

Since the company is going to work in your home and clean your precious carpet, they should be licensed to do so. A company without a license should raise a flag because it means they are not legally licensed to operate. You can do some research about the license requirement of your state and ask the carpet cleaning company if they have one.  

The company should also have a workman’s compensation for their workers and liability insurance. These insurances will ensure that damages to your carpet or injuries to the contractor are covered in the policy.  

4. Price 

Of course, we set budgets to maintenance routines like carpet cleaning. But, don’t fall for the cheap ones because those are sketchy services that will only leave your carpet ruined. Ask the company about their charges and check the services/chargers offered by other companies to see if they match.  

5. Method 

It’s important that you also have an idea about the carpet cleaning method the company will conduct to your carpets. The 5 main methods are soil suspension, dry soil removal, grooming, soil extraction and drying. Each method is conducted differently, depending on the situation of your carpet. Remember, always ask. Asking never hurts.