The Benefits of Prolotherapy

Prolotherapy is the latest type of recovering medicine that’s leading the path in helping to treat both chronic and acute injuries, as well as joint pain that’s hard to resolve. According to studies, a person can benefit from this procedure if he/she has a bulging disc, tendonitis, a torn ligament, arthritis, TMJ, or pain any vulnerable part such as shoulder, knee, lower back, or neck.  


Here are the common advantages of prolotherapy services in Dallas: 

Treats Injuries to the Feet and Hands 

Today, prolotherapy is used to lower pain connected with regular hand injuries experienced by middle-aged and young adults. This includes texting thumb, gamekeepers thumb, skier’s thumb, or carpal tunnel syndrome. These damages are a result of repetitive damage and use to the ulnar collateral ligament. Professionals recently have seen a constant growth in injuries resulted from day-to-day tasks such as playing sports, using computer mouse, or typing.  

Feet, hands, fingers, and thumbs are also susceptible to pain caused by aging and osteoarthritis. According to a study, prolotherapy procedures helped lower foot and ankle pain connected to ligament injuries, fractures, misalignments, plantar fasciitis, tendon ruptures, and arthritis. 

Treats Wrist and Elbow Tendonitis 

According to a report in 2008, adults who play tennis or golf are often some of the more susceptible to elbow injuries. Today, prolotherapy is considered a successful non-surgical procedure option for sport-related injuries. Aside from those that affect the elbow, prolotherapy can also treat sprained ankles, shoulders, wrist ligaments, lower back, and other musculoskeletal damage caused by joint degeneration and repetitive use.  

Resolves Shoulder Pain and Injuries 

Prolotherapy has been revealed to be successful in treating shoulder pain and injuries. Oftentimes, these are the result of an overworked rotator cuff. One of the parts of the body that is exposed to the most degeneration, repeated traumas, and repetitive use is the shoulder. Thus, aging adults, laborers, and athletes are most prone to shoulder injuries of any type.  

Helps Treat Chronic Neck and Back Pain 

Prolotherapy can help heal weakened tissue and small tears in the back, according to Spine-Health. This can contribute to back pain, bulging disc, lowered functioning, and inflammation. The process in which stem cell procedure helps to treat back pain is by closing down “ligamentous laxity”. This is the stimulation of pain receptors in ligament tissues or tendons that send painful nerve signals up the back.  

Damaged tissues in ligaments or tendons are sensitive to forms of pressure, compressing, and stretching. Thus, prolotherapy helps to get rid of the root source of pain by lowering these tears. Prolotherapy has been effectively used in managing the pain for common illnesses that affect the back, such as whiplash and sacroiliac issues.  

Helps Fix Tendons Injuries 

Prolotherapy can improve the growth of platelet-derived factor expressions that trigger rejuvenation of damaged tendons. According to a study, the two types of prolotherapy (PRP and saline) had the same effects in treating tendon injuries. While some believed that PRP may be best for this type of injury, both treatments helped treat chronic Achilles tendinopathy